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Sardinia is and extraordinary Island where it's possible to do a lot of sport and therefore discover its charm and thousand of landscapes completely immersed in its wild and varied nature...

We offer you a certain number of sportive activities, accompagnied by local guides who know every corner of their territory.

In order to understand and really discover Sardinia, there is nothing bette than a local guide who lives here, was born here and as a consequence can share with you the history, the culture and its passion his land, for Sardinia.

The kind of trip can evolve according to you wishes and we organise single activity "Adventure" trips as well as "multi-activity trips.

So, you can come and go around Sardinia for one week, for instance, in Mountain Bike or in E-MTB or a few days in kayak for istance...

And you can also choose a multy-acivity holiday with an different activity everyday, some days of relax and cultural visits.

We organise all year round, in the whole of Sardinia, on request.
You just have to contact us and tell us what you have in mind for your holidays in Sardinia... On our side, we wil organise everything for you as you wish...

See you soon in Sardinia for amazing, unique and unforgettable adventures full of emotions....